The Athnain



The Athnain

Our project basically entailed an attempt to showcase fashion trends and displays via a magazine which we named Athnain. Our insight to the fashion industry rather has a futuristic approach in that we saw the numerous business opportunities and benefits that could be brought about by the fashion industry. Moreover the project was an initiative for educating more and more individuals about fashion. Furthermore as an already existing project, it was aimed at providing a proper platform to showcase and support young Kuwaiti talents particularly those interested and engrossed in the fashion industry.

Generally the project as a class activity has rather been a busy but fun experience. Coming up with such a magazine is actually not a walk in the park since many variables had to be taken into consideration, for instance, the target audience for the magazine, the mode of promotion of the magazine to the market and the cost of production for the “Athnain” magazine. These were but a few of the constraints faced in our bid to successfully carry out our project.  The name we came up with, Athnain, had a deeper meaning, signifying the representation of both genders. This was symbolic in that the magazine was in support of ideas and talents brought by the young Kuwaiti individuals interested in the fashion industry. This was in line with the ambitions and artistic visions of the young people.

The experience encountered while carrying out this project has with no doubt a learning experience. The impact the activity had on our group was one of an overwhelming nature. Though a tiresome undertaking, we managed to equip ourselves with numerous marketing and business management skills. For one, we learnt about the various modes available for advertising our magazine and what it features. These techniques include the use of mass media like television and radio broadcasting. We also managed to grasp the skill of interpersonal communication. This was probably due to our wide interaction with individuals from different walks of life as we tried to make our magazine known.

Gathering local talents was easy and enjoyable since the talented wanted to showcase their creations to those local and others in the world. Probably they found this as a clear opportunity and a proper platform that signified their stepping stone to a career in fashion.

In line with our projects objective, we made several attempts to try raise the standards of our local fashion talents. We did this by trying to showcase what happens behind the scenes when they come up with their artistic creations. This experience that we encountered when undertaking this project became significant in that we were able to gather a lot of fashion tips which were also beneficial to us. In this respect therefore we were able to educate more people about high fashion and trends it comes along with.

The value of our experience in coming up with the “Athnain” fashion Magazine as a project is actually overwhelming considering the countless constraints we faced. Tough decisions had to be made. I feel that the activity has also played a major role in giving us a clear picture of how the outside business world operates. Things are not just a walk in the park as we assumed when coming up with such a project. Resources were scarce and very hard to come by. Publishing the magazine and drawing an attempt to promote it to international levels still proves to be rather a hard and elusive achievement. The communication skills we also garnered will go a very long way in our progress of our future careers. Good communication skills possessed by an individual enable him or her to be successful since they can connect to others and have their messages better understood (Worth 30). Marketing skills gained are also beneficial when trying to promote a business enterprise or a product (Sandhusen 99). In this respect, in our group, if one of us were to venture in an business environment as an entrepreneur, such skills would prove very useful.

In the long run, this amount of knowledge gained when undertaking this project is generally beneficial to our future careers. I for one want to venture into the business market as an entrepreneur. For that reason, I would therefore require abundant knowledge in marketing and business management. I thus have faith that this project has given me some of the knowledge needed to take on a business path as a career. Fashion trends in the world continue to change Athnain Fashion Magazine will hereof  continue to keep on top of things and educate others on high fashion.


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