selling your essays

Are you there, you are in college and you always find yourself in a financial mess? Have you ever thought of selling your college academic writing online in exchange for a few notes? If not then explore that option and reap the benefits that come with it. If you probably have written over a hundred essays in college by now so why pick those old one and sell them.

What do essay sites buy?

Essay sites will be essays that people send them. They will buy essays on any topic such as law, health, religion, history among others. In addition, this essay sites will also be involved in other academic writing so they will also be interested in buying the term papers, thesis, and research papers among others for both high school and college. Some of these essay sites will have a little bit of elementary quality control mechanism in place, while others will take just about any type with looking at the quality. So done your research first then make a decision on which site you will want to sell to. Ensure that the essays you sell online have not be published anywhere else.

How it works

 You send them your essays and they review them. This will take a matter of days to even weeks depending on the company. If they accept they will publish the essay on their websites what that means is that they own the full rights of the essay. They will later pay you the money via legal and certified channels if they are truly reliable and genuine. If however, they do not accept then they do not publish it and it still remains your essay.

How much do they pay?

They generally offer 300% to 70% of the final sale price, which can vary from $5 to more than $100 with an average of $10 to $40, and each paper can usually be sold unlimited numbers of times. You can make a fair chunk of cash if your paper sells repeatedly. A few essay sites that specialize in hard-to-get papers (like successful admission essays) offer a flat rate of up to $60.

What you should be careful about when selling your essays

 There are quite a number of things that you should look out for before selling your essays. First ,do not in any way reveal your real name or any traceable information when selling this will prevent you from being chased up and down by the authorities. Secondly, do not sell latest writings. Teachers and professors know well about this paper mills and search them for evidence that their students are plagiarizing the work. If they find it they will automatically think you just copy pasted and this will greatly affect your grades. So ensure you sell your old essays those that you wrote a few years back. Furthermore, ensure that that you receive cash up front before realizing your essays. Finally, check on the existing laws that govern this act within your home or state.