Research Paper

Order of research paper is one of the most vital aspects considered while performing a research. One of the most significant aspects in writing is order. So it is vital that all students get the aspect of order right when designing a research paper. You could have completed the best research project in the world but if you fail to make an interesting order or layout for your research paper then no instructor or no one is going to take your research results seriously. When considering the order of a research paper, one main thing that students should remember is that a basic research paper is based on an hourglass structure. When considering the order of a research, the researcher should start with general data and while conducting literature review the researcher should then become specific and nail down particular research problems and hypothesis. Finally, your research paper becomes more general as the research tries to apply their findings in a universal world in general.

The convectional order on any research paper

While there could a few differences between numerous disciplines, some fields have more emphasis on certain research parts than other fields but still, there is a primary underlying structure. The steps used in the order of a research paper are the building blocks needed to construct a perfect research. The section below covers the sections needed for order of research paper with inclusion of designs and experimental methods.The principles of essays and a research paper follow similar basic principles of

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference list

Introduction:For most students, beginning a research paper with an introduction is the first part which sets the direction of the paper, laying out exact details of what the research paper is out to achieve. For other people, the introduction is the last part of the research which summarizes the details of the research. At our custom made paper writing service, we help students design a good introduction for a research paper consisting of a general presentation of the problem in research, a layout of what the research is trying to achieve and state the position of the research.

The general presentation:This section of order of research paper looks into the benefits gained by this research or what could be the problem if the research problems are not solved.

Purpose and direction of paper: The research problem should not be a statement but instead imply what you are out to find. Most students tend to replace this part of a research paper with the hypothesis of thesis statement which is also acceptable in giving a clear picture of what to expect in the research.

Statement of intent from researcher:In this section, the researcher is expected to provide his audience with background information of his research with inclusion of significant data gathered during literature review. While designing research papers for our clients, we also ensure there is a thorough explanation on why we have chosen that particular research area.

The method:This is the easier part of a research paper which lays out the exact techniques used in performing an experiment.

The result:This part describes the outcomes of the techniques and experiments used

The discussion:In this section, you provide an elaborate explanation of your findings, explaining what you found in the course of your research. In a bid to develop exceptional research paper for our clients, we also add personal interpretations which link the introduction to the main discussion.

The conclusion:In this section, a researcher should be building upon their discussion referring to their findings at large.

The reference list:There is not paper that is considered complete without a reference list that documents all the sources used in the research. Our team of professional experts has been well trained on how to design brilliant reference list according to research paper guidelines and format.