Book report assignment

Ishmael is a novel written by Daniel Quinn. The novel was published in 1992. In the beginning the author begins a newspaper advertisement. The advertisement states that teacher seeks pupil. The pupil must have an earnest desire to save the world. This pupil is required to apply in person.  The narrator first reached to the advert and wanted to save the world. He responded to the advert and when he goes to the address of the school he realizes he is in a room with a gorilla.  In the room, he also finds a statement that asks whether there is hope for gorilla when the man is gone. The gorilla calls itself Ishmael and it is able to communicate quite well. There are various reasons that make David Quinn choose gorilla as his teacher.

David loves the idea of gorilla changing the world. The statement having an earnest desire to save the world captures his attention. He wants to know who this teacher is. He likes the advert and believes it is rich. He says this is splendid and wants and this is the reason he wants to explore with this teacher. Daniel wanted to sit with this teacher who seemed to be a guru on matters of the world. This teacher seems to be bitter and Daniel wanted to know more about this teacher gorilla (Quinn, 1992). Daniel had been looking for a teacher. This was his mission decades ago.  He imagined he wanted a teacher. He wanted a teacher who would show him what to do in saving the world. When he found the advert it was like a dream come true. He had an opportunity to meet the teacher he wanted so much. This is one of the reasons that Daniel gorilla to his teacher.

Another reason why Daniel chooses Ishmael to his teacher is because of the brilliant ideas he gives him. Daniel is attracted by the words he reads in the empty room when he goes to look for the teacher.  The words say that if the man is gone will the gorilla survive. This made him wants to be in the room and learn about who this mysterious teacher looks like. Gorilla finally tells him his story of where he came from. The teacher tells him that he teaches the subject of captivity. This is life that most people live. They are captives of civilization. Daniels wants to know how this captivity has to do with saving the world. The teacher tells him that everybody in the world is up to destroying the world. Daniel is eager to know how this happens (Quinn, 1992).

Gorilla has a way of explaining captivity that Daniel could not think of. Daniel is impressed about this idea of captivity that enlightens his mind about the world captivity. This aim is to save the world, and gorilla is teaching him about saving the destroyed world.  He believes that the education he had gone through was a lie. He had been lied to and wanted the truth. As a result of the story of Germany and the Nazi Government, the narrator wants to save the world. People are under captivity because they cannot speak for themselves. This is the knowledge the narrator is seeking. He has found a teacher to help him in his mission of saving the world. This is the reason he choose Gorilla as a teacher.


Quinn, D. (1992). Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit. New York: Turner Books