Beat New Ending for On the Road: The Original Scroll


The novel On the Road is by an American writer called Jack Kerouac. It is based on the travels of Kerouac and his friends across the continent of America. The novel is considered as the best defining work of Beat and Counterculture generations with the protagonists living their life against a backdrop of some jazz, poetry, as well as drug abuse. The novel is a roman a clef that has many figures in the Beat movement. It included people such as William and Allen as presented in the novel by Kerouac. It became a norm to adopt these features in relation to the characters in this novel. The novel is divided into various parts showing the different parts related to the development of the entire essay. The plots in this novel can help give a clear and direct approach that can assist in developing the right methodologies in the end. Creating this impact is easy but overall depends with the differences in the characters of the novel and the author. Providing an alternative ending to this novel requires understanding of all the plots as per the wish of the author. It is very easy to identify the different approaches that apply to the technological approaches in the end. Creating a good research method of the characters is much important as it can yield some positive results.

Designing the alternative ending to this novel can lead to a better progress in the process of handling the different characters of the novel. As per the author. Jack Kerouac intends to prove the differences in the characters that he brings out in different weird styles. The complications of the characters in this novel helps to increase the understanding of each one’s process in the end. It hence calls for a direct approach to help satisfy the needs of the people in the end. It is important to note that the characters of each other influence the people yet there are important mechanisms used in this novel. The end is an increase in the value of the readers, as they tend to catch up with the different styles in this novel. Jack Kerouac is clear in his representation of the novel since he is clear to the point. He shows how the characters ought to act and hence proves the importance of his plots as in the movie.

As seen in part one, Jack Kerouac describes the first trip of Sal to San Francisco. Even after he his disheartened after a divorce, his life underwent some changes after meeting Dean Moriarty who gets happy and excited. He thereafter begins to long for his freedom once more. It is hence a nice attempt to help increase the value of the characters in the novel, On the Road. The author, Jack Kerouac, is direct in his approaches as he comes up with an approach of displaying the characters. As seen in the first part of the novel, it is clear that the novel plays very important role in the anticipation of the characters. After taking different buses, Sal arrives in Denver and is hooked up with Carlo Marx as well as some of his friends. It shows how important is to have many friends in a new place. It is best aimed at increasing the relationship between the people and the entire ways of having a direct approach of living a cool life. It is very important in this case to attract new cases of a better life. It is also desirable for the people to have a direct approach of developing the characters in an accurate a direct manner. Jack Kerouac is advised to train the people in the novel on how to interact and achieve the best results. They all stay together at peace and without any argument. In the end, it becomes easy to achieve the set goals in a direct manner. Hence, Sal finds a better stay while in his new environment. It is necessary to achieve the set goals in the end. Doing this is very easy and requires his efforts to impress those near him. It is not a direct approach since it also creates a direct approach of handling many thing in his life. Once it becomes easy and straight for Sal to cooperate with other people in the end, it becomes even much easier. It is not complicated for Sal to have a definite relationship with his new friends. As seen in the novel, Jack Kerouac displays the characters as having a different way of handling things in life. It is necessary for them to work in the cotton fields. Later on, Sal realizes that this is not his type of work at all. He feels he deserves a better job that will generate him better results. It calls for increased efforts to double the different interests of his team members. In the end, it is important for Sal to make a final decision. Sal decides to go back to New York leaving behind Terry. He moves back to Paterson and ends up missing Dean who had come all way to see him past two days.

In the second part, Sal is seen celebrating Christmas with his friends and relatives in Testament. When Virginia shows up later on, they all enjoy as Camille also joins up the team and they end up moving in the process. They drive up to New York and they meet Carlo and ends up partying. It is very important in this case as the novel displays a good flow of events in the case of the different characters. It is very important to increase the value of these characters. Jack Kerouac helps to display the different attributes in the end. Once he achieves the development of the characters, it becomes easy and accurate to design the different characters in these people. Dean wants to make love to Marylou but Sal declines this. It is not acceptable as per the objectives of the people. Achieving a better and developed system can help in achieving their goals.

Jack Kerouac cultivated this myth that he was a direct in his representation. He gave a direct analysis on how he created the plots in the novel. On the other hand, it seems very good to assess the different attributes of the people since it could he could have a better way of creating the characters in his novel. It is very important to have improved results in order to provide a good summary at the end. It is crucial to increase the values of the characters in an easy approach that can lead to a better plot.

At the end of the novel, On the Road, the plot seemed very good and the methods used are direct in relation to the different characters in the novel. It is very easy to identify the extent to which these factors apply in the end. It is a novel of critical study ever since its production. The publication in this novel helped to achieve the long term effect in the way the people achieved the success of the characters. The novel is easy to comprehend in that the author is experienced in writing. The plot of the novel is perfect and requires the knowledge of the people in the case of accurate display of each person. As seen in the last part, Dean maintains the divorce letters in Mexico. He had gone to New York to marry Inez but later on goes back to marry Camille. After Sal recovers, he goes back to New York. It is evident that there are lot movements in this novel. The people are always travelling from one place to another hence creating a better analysis of the people. It is important to have a mutual interaction with each character in the novel hence increasing the direct impacts of each other. The ending of this novel is easy and direct and includes the direct options available in the end. This novel is interesting and easy to read. The author has used simple language that is easy to understand and comprehend. Once it is achieved, there are direct approaches of analyzing each character as done by the author.