Audience analysis

Audience analysis

Community commerce profile is the documents that give information, education and support to both new and existing businesses. St. Cloud is a harbor of both large and small businesses, and it is a home of three main industries; granite, lens making and printing. The businesses are served with the St. Cloud chamber of commerce. A stakeholder is somebody who has the ability to affect and can be affected by a business as a whole. St. Cloud area is the largest and also the most populated region in the central region of Minnesota. St. Cloud is also the fastest growing region in the state.

The community commerce profile for the St. Cloud area gives certain information that is quite necessary to people conducting and people ready to start businesses. The audience and the stakeholders view the message in the following ways and aspects.

Geographically, the region is situated in Minnesota State. The Mississippi River also runs through it. Being a home of several industries makes it a potential stakeholder’s society. The river though it is merely untapped there should be investors who should take advantage of the geographical feature. With the region being centrally situated the people should be able to attract foreigners from neighboring regions to invest in their resources, this promotes growth of the region.

The St. Cloud was initially occupied by the various indigenous people. It was later encountered by the Europeans on purpose of trade with the Native Americans. These reasons of trade ensured the growth of the region, this contributed to the construction of buildings and the start up of certain industries and businesses.

The region has a psychographic setting where they have common interests in their way to conduct businesses. This also can be related to the social way that people interact among other themselves to create a growing community. Especially when business is involved people need to have common goals that help to grow a region or community.

St. Cloud is good web connected creating a great web graphic network that helps people connect with each other despite their geographic location. In the evolving world web network is necessary especially in conducting business. Other than communication, web network also helps in giving of ideas that can be helpful in the creation of business. The connection of networks helps inhabits of St. Cloud to work together in unison. There is a chamber connection in the area which connects all members and groups to the network. Although the profile is spelt out properly, with a good analysis of the audience, you find out that some of the audience and the stakeholders misinterpret the profile.

However, the region should improve on some amendments. The profile should be able to bring out all the opportunities to the business in a way that people can understand well. Some of the amendments are listed below. Since the region is vested with many resources in consideration of its geographical position. The Mississippi River is one of the untapped potential that should be greatly invested in order to maximize the profits. They should also make good use of a good networking society, other than using it for fun and informalities; they should use it for business for the growth of the region. They should as well make proper use of their artistic culture as a source of revenues. Organizing frequent local festivals to showcase their culture can become a source of revenue as it can attract people from different states who are culture lovers as tourist.

As an individual, I believe that the proposed profile will be much better in that it will allow all business persons, the already venturing and those who are starting, to have a clear picture of the area that they are investing in. this also will help to show business persons the areas that are more profitable to venture in. to the region it will also help in the growth that can be seen it will also improve the standards of living thus helping the business persons give back to the community. By giving back to the community, there will be improvements such as infrastructure.

With a good profile people, an individual will know all about their region and identify target groups of certain businesses. A good example is a profile that shows about the road network can motivate a business person to produce a certain product and transport it to the target group easily and efficiently. However, the profile should be truthful and not to give information that is not true so as to make sure inhabits of that area do not get wrong information. In St. Cloud for instance, they should give information of the education, example stating that there are institutions like St. Cloud University. They should also give information on the webography network.

In conclusion, community commercial profiles are necessary for the business people since it is a major source of information as well as support to the upcoming and already running business.




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