Application of knowledge management

Application of knowledge management

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the way I will apply knowledge management at Special Operation Force. This is my next duty station that requires my input. This department needs to be well organized, trained and equipped and support special operations. This requires knowledge management in order to have a competent and coordinated special operation force.

I plan to ensure that my work station is equipped with knowledge in order to facilitate effective decision making at all levels. I will ensure that the staff in special operation force is connected and sharing information will be my main agenda. This is to help increase intelligence of the organization by ensuring every person is equipped with new knowledge. I have realized that in most organization, poor performance is as a result of lack of knowledge. Technology is changing and workers need to be equipped with new knowledge ever day.

First, I have an agenda of making Special Operation Force a learning organization. This cannot be effective if the officers are not involved in the process. I will call a meeting with all the officers and discuss my agenda with them. This way, they will be informed of the changes to be done. I will also involve them in decision making and therefore there will be brainstorming in the meeting. They will contribute their views and then I will make the final decision based on all the contributions. Instead of paper work, I will ensure that there is a database that will contain all officers and their duties. This way it will be easy to have access to information when needed and performance appraisal will be effective.  I will also organize training to ensure that all officers are trained on the use of different information systems so as to accomplish the mission.

Second, I will ensure that I create a server that will help all officers to access information from their offices or in the field. Every officer will have a user name and a password. When they log in to this server, they can have all information they need in their operations. Information will be updated regularly. Officers who go for training outside the organization will also share information on what they have learnt. This way, everybody will be updated and duties will be done effectively.  Officers will learn new tactics in their operations. I will utilize Bukowitz and Williams model of Knowledge management. This will involve getting information. Seeking information from different sources will be done. Information from experienced soldiers, books, magazines, and internet will be used. Helpful information will be selected and posted in the file server. The information will be used in appropriate ways in order to ensure new ways of doing things in an organization. I will create an organization memory where officers will learn from experiences. Once the file server is built, I will ensure it is sustained in order to contribute to competitiveness. This way, the officers will never lack information whenever they need it. The old methods of training and passing information like paper work will be faced off. I want to ensure an efficient way on passing knowledge through information technology.

In conclusion, I home knowledge management will be of great help in Special Operation Force (SOF). It is my desire that everybody is equipped with knowledge in order to become a better performer in the organization. I will ensure that I apply knowledge management to transform the operation of the organization and become competitive in service delivery. This I will do by ensuring team work and promoting a learning organization.