Instructions for submitting the Apologetics Application Paper: Part 2

  • Complete your introduction as it will appear in the final paper.
  • Include an outline of each major element of the final paper.
  • Include your full bibliography.
  • Follow the template / submission form provided.


Submit the Apologetics Application Paper: Part 2 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.


Add as much space as necessary to each section below.

  1. Introduction Paragraph for Final Paper:

The belief in a deity can be likened to fools since it kills reasoning and places more value on non-empirical measure-faith. This is an idea that is approved by atheism inclusing Secular humanism, the target audience. secular humanist and its tenets have ideas and thoughts that need to be investigated through science and philosophy. Secular humanism contributes greatly to the aspect of moral decadence.  Ethics, Social Justice, Human reason and philosophical naturalism are the basis for morality in humanity in this world view. deity(s) on the other hand should not be acclaimed for human morality. A worldview can be validated  as true if it fulfills Douglas Groothus’ 8 criteria. Christianity is a religion that seek to show itself as the beare of truth. This fulfills the criteria for validation showing the bible as the only source of ultimate authority. Its epistemology, Christian antropoly, creation-the fall and redemption constitute the core teaching of Christianity. The aspects of salvation that come only from God, the source of morality, chrisian living, history and the afterlife are ddressed in Christianity religion. Christianity can be the solution to answers and false views brought forward by atheists.

  1. Complete Outline of Final Paper:
  1. Target Audience

Secular humanism in atheism is the target audience. atheism is a worldview that rejects the belief of existence og God or gods.  Atheists believe in non-existenec of deities. They lack empirical evidence. Atheism is a diverse field of belief system. these include scientic naturalism, the new atheists and secular humanism. Secular humanis is our target audience

  • Secular Humanism

Definition:  this is a belief system which rejects religious doctrines, existence of the supernatural and the belief in superstition as the foundation for morality and on which choices are to be made.

  • Summary of significan elements of the world view of the target audience

This section will summarise the elemts of the world view of secular humanism. Secular humanism does not view human beong as superior to nature. It also does not assume that people are naturally evil or good.  The belief suggests that human beings have unique responsibilities and there are ethical consequences for every decision people make.

Idologies concerning religion will be summarized.The world view will be validated using Douglas Groothus 8 criteria. Secular humanism fall short of this criterion and the crierion demand for explanation of the views and internal logical uniformity.

  1. Ideas of how Christianity can address the worldview.

The final paper will have a detailed explanation of Christianity world view and its truthful claim that is collaborated with the 8 criterion of world views. Valid questions on santity of life, truth, sin, sex, moral relativism, torelance and foundation of the family will be used when tackling secular Humanism worldview.

  1. In summary, the paper discuss on empirical evidence for existence of God. This will help answer questions raised by atheists in secular humanism target group. secular humanists use science as evidence of their belief. However, they lack empirical evidence to support their worldviews.

Douglas Groothus 8 crieterion will be analysed and used to check for validity of views of secular humanism and Christianity.

Christian scriptures will be presented in taclking the worldview. Scriptures bear the truth and evidence to support Christianity views and rejection of secular humanism. Chriatianity offer reliable truth which will be discussed in the final paper. Secular humanism fails to provide truth about humanism and these issue will be discussed in the paper.









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