[Get Answer] What is artificial sanity? Argue your own side of the case.

Go to http://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/cs/collection/ Type “Josie” in the Keyword Box and download the case
This case study is divided into 6 parts. After each part there are a series of questions. Jot down your initial impressions after each part.
Then, answer the following questions and discuss the case with your classmates.
1. Tell the class a brief history of this case.
2. Discuss the presenting problem, i.e., in the beginning did you think Josie was physically or mentally ill? How or why did your thoughts change?
3. What kind of treatment strategy would you recommend? Mention theoretical perspectives, or interventions/techniques and prognosis.
Other considerations (answer at least two of the following)
4. Do you think that Josie’s behavior or appearance influenced the care she received? Why? How did this impact her case?
5. What questions still remain? What other information would help you decide what is wrong with Josie?
6. With respect to the general public, how has the treatment of the mentally ill changed over time?
7. Do you think that medical professionals are sufficiently trained to differentiate medical from psychological illness? Why or why not? Can you give us an example of another illness which presents as a psychological concern but is chemically based?

Artificial Sanity
Please go to the following case:

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